Antiques & Estate Sales CMS Website Design needed an easier way to update their sales and keep there estate sale followers updated. Their original site was developed in-house and though it was a good website they wanted to update the site structure, make it more search engine friendly, and have the ability to publish estate sales easily.

Jamestown Internet Marketing developed a search engine friendly content management system on a WordPress installation. now can quickly publish pages that include text, images, videos, slide shows, and Google Maps without the need for any website coding. Other website elements they may also use in their site includes, flash, music, and advertising. The site can also expand features by installing plugins.

The site is set up so a visitor can sign-up to receive estate sales or tag sales instantly through email or RSS Feed. Visitors are invited to add their email address to the sites subscription list. The subscription is then confirmed by email. Once confirmed, as soon as announces a new estate sale, an email is sent to the visitor’s email. was setup to be extremely search engine friendly. For example, main search engines (Google, Yahoo, are instantly notified of any new pages created. This feature tells the search engines that the page is live and is normally indexed more quickly. The new site’s coding is setup to be very search engine friendly and allows search engine spiders access to crawl and index pages quickly and efficiently. In addition, a sitemap is created when a new page is created and the search engines are notified of the update .

As with all sites Jamestown Internet Marketing creates or markets that does not already have analytics software, Google Analytics was installed. This software allows the web site owner to see a large amount of statistics in a easy to view dashboard.